Getting started

Getting started

Email asking us to set up a Placecheck for you. All you need to tell us is (a) the name of the Placecheck (such as Anyplace Placecheck), and (b) the centre of the area that you want to Placecheck (we do not need to know the boundaries: give us the postcode, or the name of a street).

We will send you a link to your Placecheck map, and you are ready to go.

What does it cost?

The charge for setting up the Placecheck web app for a specific area is:

Community and neighbourhood organizations, civic societies and schoolsFree
Local authorities, voluntary organizations and business improvement districts£250
Private-sector organizations£500


Adding a boundary to an area on the map£100 for each Placecheck
Capability for uploading images to the Placecheck (up to 1GB)£250 for each Placecheck

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Other options

  • Map-based questionnaires
  • ‘Vote for locations’ maps
  • Public preferences for drawing up design codes
  • Gardencheck maps (assessing front gardens)
  • Crowdsourced heritage information for local listing
  • Map-based information (click on points to view further content)

Contact to discuss your requirements and get a quote, or to find out about other options for customizing your Placecheck.