21 questions for the Placecheck walkabout

A special place

  • What makes this place special or unique?
  • Why does it look the way it does?
  • What local activities or events have made it like this?
  • Why do we like this place?
  • What can we make more of?
  • What potential is there to enhance the place?

A well-connected, accessible and welcoming place

  • How accessible is the place? What limits how easy it is to get around?
  • How welcoming is the place? Does anything make it confusing?
  • How well does the parking work?
  • How can the place be made more accessible and more welcoming?

A safe and pleasant place

  • What makes this place – and its street(s) and public spaces – safe and pleasant? What detracts from that?
  • How successful are the streets and spaces underfoot? What could be improved?
  • How can the place be made safer and more pleasant?
  • How do people enjoy nature here? What is missing?

A planet-friendly place

  • What makes this place planet-friendly? How are scarce resources wasted?
  • How does movement use resources?
  • How is waste handled?
  • How is energy used in buildings?
  • How adaptable is the place?
  • What other features makes the place planet-friendly?
  • How could the place make better use of resources?