Redfrog neighbourhood plan

The Redfrog (Redington Frognal) neighbourhood forum is using Placecheck in preparing a neighbourhood plan for its area of Camden, north London. Redington Frognal was designated a conservation area in 1985, but its character has been considerably eroded since then. The neighbourhood plan policies aim to preserve and enhance the area, including its biodiversity and green infrastructure.

In particular, the plan aims to ensure that no further front gardens and hedges are lost and, where possible, that boundary treatments and soft surfaces are reinstated, to allow scope for planting grass, shrubs, trees and flowers. (These are issues addressed by Gardencheck, a tool related to Placecheck: email for details of how to carry out a Gardencheck, at no cost). Gaps between buildings, affording views to mature rear gardens and trees, are also to be preserved.

The plan will also confer greater protection on the area’s Edwardian and Victorian buildings and modern architecture, identified as positive contributors on their own or as part of a group of buildings. The enhancement and greening of the pedestrian environment of Finchley Road is also sought.